For 9 years before starting my welding company, I spent years working in other companies’ welding environments, noticing different levels of welding processes in the industry. I decided to expand my knowledge in the field by going to a welding technical school. I logged over 1000 hours in the lab & classroom, and graduated 1st in my class!

Working for large corporations consisting of aerospace, auto, food & medical, the true leaders in their industry, allowed me to expand my welding knowledge.  After a company invested thousands, if not millions of dollars in engineering design & product development, many times by being an “employee”, I saw and personally experienced many failures as the result of the company’s or other people’s lack of knowledge regarding welding.

Many times by being given the freedom to experience so called “failure”, over and over again, & also working on jobs that seemed impossible…my knowledge grew. Whether learning about welding distortion or welding of ferrous or non-ferrous alloys to achieving color match, polish, or texture of alloys after welding, I decided to take my years of experience and dedicate myself to meeting the needs of customers by offering my technical knowledge and skilled techniques learned by trial and error. Many times it will be the dimension of the alloys that will make the decision on how it will be pre heated & welded.

Keller’s has developed techniques to achieve results that have changed the rules of welding for tomorrow!

- Kevin Keller