About Us


Our Promise To You...Our Valued Customer

We at Keller's Fine-Line Micro Welding are determined to provide you with the best in mold and die welding. Solutions to special engineering and mold repair are our specialty. The primary objective is to complete a given task by not overwelding- thus giving you minimum product distortion. Whether color match on textured surfaces or high diamond polish finishes. The special skills and techniques of our staff make Keller’s Fine-Line Micro Welding a leader in micro welding mold repair.


The Results

Our goal is to provide you with the very best in welding. Distinctive craftsmanship and quality equipment are always the main ingredients of a job well done. With the nature and complexity of the molds and tool steels today, we have been able to gain valuable knowledge and have given our customers the very best results


The Techniques

We at Keller's Fine-Line Welding are determined to be the leader in helping you meet your welding needs! Our employees take great pride in their abilities to please each customer. Whether the job entails repair, engineering, or color match welding, our staff can achieve your desired finish. By controlling the variables and not overwelding, we can produce quality that lasts.


Problem Solving

Many times we hear about customers that scrap broken parts.  We can surprise you by repairing those parts to like-new conditions and thereby save you money.


In Hindsight

We have all seen the results of a bad weld, bad shrinkage areas, porosity, cracking, and poor color match.  Many times customers result to drastic measures in weld repair and engineering changes.  Our knowledge and past experience can be helpful in evaluating these problems.