Welcome to Keller's Fine-Line Micro Welding. Based out of Kent, Ohio, Keller's was established in 1988 and specializes in micro welding. We have serviced worldwide industries in aerospace, automotive, tire mold, and the military. To read more about our history, click here.

If you’re micro welding needs consist of: diamond color finish, texture surfaces color and finish, or absolute minimum surface shrinkage, Keller's can deliver for you. With decades of experience, distinctive craftmenship, and quality equipment, Keller's provides its customers with the best possible results. After 29 years of tenacity and persevering when other’s say “it’s not possible”, Keller's Fine-Line Micro Welding has been expanding the boundaries of welding to meet the complexities of mold functions today!

We microweld: alumnium, Ampco, carbon steels, copper, and stainless steels for special engineering and mold repairs in plastic injection molds, compression molds, rubber molds, blow molds, and extrusion dies.